Major Leopard Bug

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I just came across this and wanted to share it with all of you. Perhaps some have read it already. Very scary stuff. A major reason not to upgrade.

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Ouch! I've been told not to get the first version of any new software, siims like a solid piece of advice.

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While this does seem to be a real issue, please note that the data-loss problem is only happening in a very particular situation: when you have mounted a volume on a network server, and that server happens to disconnect at the same time a directory (folder) is being moved to the server.

The bug doesn't seem to occur if you're using your Mac on its own, or even with an external (Firewire) hard drive.

However, you may be affected by this even without upgrading: some claim the data-loss problem is not unique to Leopard, but has existed for some time -- perhaps even back to Panther.

The workaround, if you're looking for one, is to copy the files instead of moving them, then delete the original when you know the copy succeeded.


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Thanks, John. I should've posted a little more information. I've been contemplating upgrading and it is articles like this one that have me holding off. I will still wait for a second version.

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I don't think most Mac users even know that "move" exists. I kind of remember hearing about it, but have never used it. It didn't exist in pre-OS X Mac systems, as far as I know.

Normally, in the Finder, when you drag an item from one volume to another, it copies the item to the second volume, leaving a copy on the original volume. If you don't want the item on the original volume, you delete it. This is the way I've always moved stuff between volumes, and I believe this is what most other Mac users do.

However, there is a short cut method, introduced in OS X. If you hold the command key down when you drag something from one volume to another, the original item is deleted after it is copied to the second volume. This is the "move" operation that is affected by this bug.

I wouldn't call the first method a workaround, since that's the way (as far as I know) that most users work. It's a workaround only if you have a habit of using the short cut method.

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I never knew about "move". I have always copied things the old way. In part because I try to keep my files in at least two places at any given time in case of hard drive crashes (something I've encountered more than once). This is good to know, altho like Tiff I never buy the first version of anything Mac.

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My Leopard-upgrade has been relatively painless (I have had worst transitions). Although I intended to wait until Adobe would update the CS3 suite (announced for late november), I took the plunge on Monday last week and even risked an "Update" instead of an "Archive and Install". Felt I could do that, because I don't have to make a living on my Mac now.

After the quick procedure (took less than an hour) I took a few progras for a short testride. Since I have about 340 programs on my HD that was by no means an exhaustive test. But anyway: all of the essential ones functioned, eg all of the CS3 Design Premium Suite, Quark 7.3, the MS Office Suite, FontAgentPro, EyeTV, even InDesign CS2 and PhotoShop CS2. Some of the programs had small issues, that were mostly solved because Leopard-compatible versions/upgrades appeared the last two weeks.

The problems I anticipated with the Epson R2400 printer I use for my girlfriend's portfolioprints were resolved by the timely (but unannounced) posting by Epson of new drivers.

There are some changes in the way Leopard handles printing and the setup of printers, that take getting used to — but that may be my age telling…

I don't have TimeMachine running, because I am waiting for delivery of two new HD's for my Mac.

Ten days into this 'trial' I have not experienced serious issues with Leopard.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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I read somewhere this isn’t even new. The same bug is in Tiger and Panther.

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two cents: I've been running Leopard since its release date and except for a few small hiccups, it has been treating my PowerBook G4 extremely well. Time Machine has been working as promised and come in quite handy. As with Bert, I've not experienced any serious issues with Leopard. Make the jump now or later. It's all about your personal comfort zone.

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