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Hey all!

I'm a fourth year student in Visual Communications degree programme, and i'm currently working on a design for print project. Its an ISTD project called 'doing my nut in' about slang and differences in spoken language in countries and places. I'm doing mine on old irish words that my father remembers being incorporated into spoken english when he was a child that have now mostly fallen out of usage.
I'm hoping to illude to letterpress and uncial character in my piece that will take the form of a small square handmade booklet, with perhaps the use of handmade embossments (that i will do myself).

I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on this approach!
thank you
(long time typophile reader first time user)

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That sounds really cool Onoron. How are you going to make it look like letterpress?... just curious. What are you going to base your embossments off of?... again, just curious.

Make sure to post you final project in the future so we can see the finished product.

good luck-

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Well looking at the work of Phil Baines and Johnathan Barnbrook I've just been playing around with the typeface I'll use, and looking at quite traditional or more formal manner of book layout in letterpress. So a lot of trips to the Irish Print Museum!
I'm more than likely going to make copper plate etches of the items I want to emboss and then do as many runs as I can before binding the book together myself.
Well thats the plan anyway!

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