Help! Tracking (if any?) in 12/15 Congress Sans

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I am laying out a book for a client and in the templates I received, I found that a tracking of -2 (Quark) had been applied to the body text (12 on 15pt Congress Sans).

Now, the client insists that this is proper, but I usually never use tracking, as this messes up the careful spacing of the original font designer.

Any opinions? Should I use the tracking or better not?


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"Any opinions? Should I use the tracking or better not?"
We are all blindfolded. How are your eyes? -2 is not a lot. Cheers!

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If it is not a lot, then I can just as well get rid of it, no? Yes or no? ;-)

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It depends if the spacing was good in the first place. -2 would be virtually invisible.

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Ok, will just go with -2 to keep the client happy. Thanks, Chris, dberlow!

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A tracking of -2 in Quark is 1%, so it shouldn't be very noticeable. If the client is insisting on it, then just leave it be.

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yes, left it in now. cheers!

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