What was the reason for the dropped e in the old Intel Logo?

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I was wondering what the reason for the dropped e in the old intel logo was? Was it just to separate the Int and the el, so that I became more obvious that it stood for Integrated Electronics or is there a typographic/design reason?

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A designer thought it looked cool and drew it. Their bosses at the agency attached some spiel about "synergy" and "dynamics". The Intel bosses liked the logo (or fell for the spiel). Later it started to look old/silly and they replaced it with Neo Sans.

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Intel is just a word and hard to protect in terms of trade dress. With the dropped E, it's now a logo, not a word. Just like the rotated E in Dell.

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> Intel is just a word

Is it? What does it mean?

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Having read a lot of spy novels, I think it might mean intelligence…

(Just joking.)

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Simon! how could you be so cynical? Marketing people spend literally minutes poring over a thesaurus seeking the correct wordage with which to impress clients. You make it sound so shallow - the design business is much more profound than you suggest. ;^P

Nick Cooke

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I suppose I should have added "dramatization" alongside the post. Anyway looks like I was completely wrong...

"the original Intel “dropped-e” logo, which was created by Silicon Valley pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore 37 years ago as they were forming their new “integrated electronics” company."

via - http://www.intel.com/pressroom/archive/releases/20060103corp.htm

So the logo was created by a pair of engineers in 1969. As to the dropped e maybe they know - seems like a geeky gimmick to me ;-)

Cheers, Si

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