Need help designing a last-name-logotype

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Hi all.

A month ago I posted here concerning a logotype that I'm making. Thanks for your advice! I've devoloped a new one, but I'm not satisfied with it. Could you please help me develop a new one? Please take a look:

The logotype is for my (small) advertising and PR firm. The company name is my last name (the one you see above).

There's one logotype that I really like. It's a fictional one, but it's really cool.

The thing I like with the typography is that the Y is in the center of the word, and being wrapped by "WA" and "NE". Two letters on each side. The font is also well made. Unfortunately I can't use this technique as the name has seven letters.

The symbol is the best one I've seen so far. A "W" which is formed like a trident. The only symbol which have anything with the letter "G" I've found is the G-clef. But I don't work with music so it's nothing for me.


The font I use now (Adobe Garamond Pro) is okay. But not good enough. Do you have any suggestion conerning font/space et.c.? Should I use capital letters instad?

I've got no idea what I should use as a symbol. The one I use now is a bit childish. Please help me with this one, I've got no clue. I'm stuck on this one.

I would prefer if the symbol reminds one of a "G" or something similar.


When writing in a design forum, I could take the opportunity to ask you about colors. I have experimented with colors, and 722A7E (C67/M100/Y14/K3) is the one color I like best. This is my profile color and I use it on my website too. Is it to aggressive? If so - which color do you think could fit "my profile"?

Thanks alot!

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> Two letters on each side. Unfortunately I can’t use this technique as the name has seven letters.

Actually, you can? Three letters on each side, one in the middle.
You could say that the 'i' makes it difficult to use the technique, though.

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RusselM made some sketches on the logotype. Please take a look at his work!

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Ohh! I missed that one. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to check if the "D" fits as the head letter.

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Does anyone have any suggestions? It would really help me alot.


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the best way to get more feedback is to post more things for us to look at and comment on.

We're all visual folks in here. Give us something to look at ;o)

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Personally I kind of like the right one, two down and the left top one.

The left middle one is at home on an armored van, and the very top one makes me think of the "GM Goodwrench" logo. For the third row, try lining up the bars to the edge of the square and see how that looks.

Try one with the D hilighted, using maybe a sans with more squarish lettering so it looks overall symmetric. I don't actually have a font that matches what I'm thinking outside of pixel fonts, and that's not the right look either.

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I'm trying some new fonts and I have to say that the Bank font is very stiff. What do you think about the other one? More "Genie". Is it too unserious?

BTW: how do I show the picture without posting the link? IMG SRC doesn't seem to work.

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Maybe it's too much of Trump's "Taj Mahal"?

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