Happy Birthday, Claude?

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I was wondering, does anyone actually know the date of Claude Garamond's birthday? I know he was born around 1490's but I have searched high and low and have yet to find his exact date of birth.

I would be grateful if anyone had any references of his birthdate.

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I’m afraid those were the days when birthdays weren’t as important as in today’s society, or at least they weren’t recorded. And even if they had been recorded by some local (baptismal) authority, they would have had to endure some hard times.
You are lucky if you can narrow it down to the correct year.

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I was afraid that was the case... Thank you for replying.

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We should give him an honorary birthday - any objections to November 17?

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any objections

Yes: 11-17 is three times the figure ‘1’ – how boring! We need a more diversified date that looks nice in osf! ;°)

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Okay, how about 16th of May 1492?

Cheers, Si

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> 16th of May

Good day :)
(the riots in France, Sorbonne University, 1968; The first Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood, 1929).

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