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November 22, 2002

After more than a year - the final code has been typed
in - the new Fountain site is finished. We introduce to
you a new design, new typefaces and new designers.

New typefaces include:

Baskerville 1757 by Lars Bergquist
Grimoire by Felix Braden
Lucifer by Lotta Bruhn
Montrachet by Lars Bergquist
Monteverdi by Lars Bergquist
Sadness by Felix Braden

In a few weeks you will also see the release of:

Alita by Peter Hoffmann
Girl by Dirk Uhlenbrock

I hope you'll enjoy the new site.

Peter Bruhn
[principal designer & owner]


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Grimoire is amazing.


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Yes, especially when small.

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oops I forgot to mention
Eric Sans by myself

Grimoire is really nice:)

Peter W. Bruhn

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