Helvetica Film on BBC 1 tonight (Tuesday)

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Just noticed in my TV listings.

BBC1 10.35 - Imagine.
The History of Helvetica Typeface

Says its a shortened version of the feature length film.


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More from Gary! “**** Yoga” indeed!


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Best review yet... ;-)

"I WAS bemused by the blurb promotion of Alan Yentob’s art show (Imagine, BBC 1, Tuesday).

It read thus: Helvetica ... as the popular typeface celebrates it 50th birthday, we mark the history of the ‘Kate Moss of Fonts.’

Well, this was the Pete Doherty of a programme: a shambles.

Whatever next? The Life and Times of The Clothes Peg or a Tribute to the Fire Extinguisher.

May I be so bold as to ask, just what was the point?

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