Which characters to start sketching/creating first?

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From what I understand, you is suppose to start with the more complex characters (such as Q, R, S, etc) then work down to the simpler ones. Is there an official 'unofficial' list of characters which a designer should start working on first, both in l/c and u/c?

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It seems to me that the ones you have ideas for are a good place to start.

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Thanks. I remember I've seen a 'list' in a few type books (a list of 7 or 8 character which are a good starting point) but I can't recall the book.

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is that an anagram? ;)

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is that an anagram?
No, rather a pangram, though only covering the more important/distinctive letters: Hamburgefontsiv.

Pieter’s advice is aiming in the same direction as Matthew Carter’s (in Helvetica – The Movie): if you start with an ‘h’, for example, then you’re making a decision about the look of a straight stem, the x-height aswell as the ascender height etc. Draw an ‘o’ and you’ll know how your round letters will look like. After two or three letters, you’ve got a lot of the typeface’s ‘DNA’, enabling you to create a good deal of your characters.

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