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I'm looking for some help in reversing some bitmap fonts (see attached image). I don't do any font editing myself which is why I'm looking for help :)

If anyone has bitmap font editing experience and can reverse some bitmap fonts for me for usage in Flash, please reply privately by clicking my user name and sending me an email through the contact tab. Please send your contact info including phone number and an estimate for your services or any questions you may have.

1. I have the fonts on Mac & PC.
2. Initially I'd like to do a test of reversing a font (Regular and Bold) for mac.
3. If it works, I'd like to proceed with about 2-3 font families for both Mac & PC.


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You can do white-on-black with tight kerning using actionscript in Flash, so I don't really understand what you need.

What exactly do you mean by reverse?


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I think you just provided an example of your own desired result...

Rebuilding a new typeface to achieve this seems like a big effort for such a small thing... which i respect, but there must be an easier way.

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An important detail in the original post is the format of the bitmap fonts - TTF, BDF, FON etc., with this info someone may know of off-the-shelf tools that can do this. Or maybe not.

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I'm not sure if this is what you man by format but on a Mac, when we examine the existing font in the finder, for king it says "Font Suitcase". When I look at it in Fontbook on a Mac, the type is listed as TrueType.

In terms of off-the-shelf tools, we tried Bitfonter from Fontlab. It has a feature where you can select characters and invert them which is exactly what we want to do. Unfortunately, when we save out the font and try to use it, none of the characters work - they show up as a solid block of colors or just "."s.

From speaking with Fontlab:
1. They don't do any presales support
2. Their forums are broken (we applied, were told we needed approval, but tech support says no approval is needed so forums must be broken)

If anyone knows of off the shelf solutions or how to get Bitfonter to work, that'd be great too :)


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TrueType fonts can include "embedded bitmaps" - but in general for Flash use, most fonts are "outline" fonts made to look like bitmap fonts - so Bitfonter is a dead-end here. Reversing outline fonts is possible in FontLab - but as noted no-one would normally bother as every app would let you define font and background colors and that's how you'd normally reverse things.

Cheers, Si

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I find the Flashkit message boards are very helpful for issues like this.

This thread may help:

Good Luck

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I'm with sii on this, I am a little confused as to why you need/want this done when you can set background and font colours in most programs these days.

I see an obstacle of having hairline white breaks in the font when typed out as well.

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Why do you need the FONT reversed? The end result is something pretty much any desktop publishing/web browser will handle for you. No need to modify the font to achieve that.

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