Logotype - what do you think?

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I created this logo a couple of years ago and I would like to hear what you think about it.
SpicySpoon logo
The font is Meta and the spoon is drawn by hand and vectorized.
The company sells spices and spice grinders etc.


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Structurally nice, but too mild, man!
The obvious thing would be to use a spicy font, like something with flames, like Sotoflame:

A more tasteful thing would be to change the top flat part of the spoon's head into something with small flame-like protrusions. Or at least do something with that "p" close to the spoon.


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Thanks for the comments Hrant

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This is a good start.
you have some wonderful opportunities to play with "i" a little fire or the double "oo" could take on the surprised look. The spoon could also be enhanced. imagine if it was a picture taken with a thermagraphic camera. I like the typeface.

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