Advice on using Fournier?

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I bought Adobe's new OTF Fournier set the other day, cobbled up a version of Voltaire's Candide at 10 points and printed proofs of a few pages.

The color is lighter than I expected and not very impressive. As I have never seen any of Fournier's work I don't know what to make of it.

Allen Hunt, in Fournier the Compleat Typographer notes that Monotype used Fournier's St. Augustin ordinaire (14pt) as a model when designing their version. I assume that if I bump up the point size I'll get better output, but I don't know how Fournier used his type.

Can anyone offer any advice about period practice (use), point size, tracking, etc.?

p.s. Hunt also noted that Monotype developed two Fournier families: Fournier series 185, which is the version I think MT digitized, and Barbou series 178, which was thought to have better color and "robustness". Barbou would seem to be a good candidate for someone looking for a face to revive.

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