Famous fonts on an Ink Jet--Which?

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Adobe has just issued a bunch of their book fonts, the ones with SC, OSF and Expert sets in OTF format at special prices. It seems an opportune time to load up on book faces. The problem is which sets.

Assuming the limitations of a cheap desktop inkjet printer for printing, would anyone care to critique their favorite digital fonts and pan the turkeys?

I have in mind, e.g., Centaur and Fournier, whose digital versions have been criticized as light or spindly, versus, say, Aldus or Dante whose digital versions have been better received.

How about Franta Storm's OTF trilogy: Jannon, Baskerville, Walbaum? Has anyone any experience working with them? For $122 a pop, would I be pleased with the printed results?

Which book faces work well for you and which book faces do not?

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I've used Dante for several projects with great
pleasure. Only the apostrophes are a bit wonky.

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