computer to computer networks?

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under my airport on my laptop, there's always some "computer to computer networks". One's called free wifi.

However, when I click on these, it never gives me any internet connection?

What are these for and how do they differ from normal networks?

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As far as I understand, a computer-to computer network allows you to connect to another machine (which user created a (computer-to-computer–) network) for sharing files etc with this user (their computer will show up when you go to "network" in your Finder window and vice versa). It will only give you an internet connection, if the user you are connected to is connected to the internet via modem or via another network(-cable) and has enabled sharing their internet connection.

Don't know if that explainantion made any sense to you at all...
but you'll probably get a amore qualified answer asking this at some sort of mac-support forum.

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