10 million pounds of sludge from New York and New Jersey

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Finally, somebody did it: put together all the detritus from the past 15 years in one place so we can perform one godzilla-grade puke and get it over with: all the gridcrap, handshit and photophlegm you could even want, page after page after crap after crap after page after page...

"Type 1: Digital Typeface Design" (Nathan Gale)

The very very very few good ones are like a cold Westmalle to a poor slob stuck in the Texan desert - Tonnage, Jude, Zebugrades forming the majority.


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Huhu..."Techno fonts"...

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but hrant, didn't you notice that oh so elegant and sophisticated "white space" on the contents page? how ever can you talk about puke?

>Huhu..."Techno fonts"...


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