rough modern serif (without a name yet)

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Hello everybody,

This is something I played around with a while ago. A rough modern serif for headlines. It’s still in the early stages and a few letters are missing. I hope you like it so far and you could give me a few tipps.

Greetings: Steven

Modern-Serif-Test-001.pdf250.82 KB
Modern-Serif-Test-002-comparison.pdf200.46 KB
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I just made a new PDF (Modern-Serif-Test-002-comparison) to show the differences to other similar fonts. All fonts were scaled to the same cap-height. So please take a look and tell me what you think about it.

Thank you: Steven

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It’s hard to say much—it’s definitely a modern font in a very rough early state, but why? Aside from making a headline font, what are you trying to achieve so that we have more to talk about?

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I was bored of the most existing modern serif fonts. Most are a too clean and smooth. I just wanted to make a font that looks like done with hot type. With some mistakes in it, pulpy strokeendings and with an inconstant baseline.

Most modern serif fonts like Bodoni and Didot looks a little bit too royal for my taste. Especially on the lowercase letters I tried to achieve a more friendly/naturally design.

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"rough modern serif" is really an oxymoron, since the point of modern typefaces is to be as clean, smooth and straightforward as possible.

with that said, I think you've got an interesting idea, but it needs to be pushed further, I think your intention is getting lost and the mistakes really do just look like mistakes. you can keep the idea of "modernism" alive in your typeface if you do focus on clarity, making it clear to the viewer that you're intentionally breaking rules and stretching the limitations on other "royal" fonts.

happy typeface-making!


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