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Creating a mark for a fine art exhibit that will also be used on a book cover for the exhibit. Very challenging execution, and I know it needs some refining. Thought this was the best place to take it for some feedback. I am using Trajan for the first and last letters, then Helvetica Neue Thin for the middle C. Obviously the rest of the letters are modified. That's the tricky part, and why this is the best place to show it for a critique.

BTW I am a publication designer, so if someone could tell me how to paste the file into the post that would be great for future ref.

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I think the slimmed down serif characters are a bit problematic. But that might also have to do with the fact I don't like Trajan.

And what do you mean by pasting the file into the post? As an image, or as PDF attachment? For image in the post just click the 'Insert image' below the typing-field. To add a new PDF to your starting post, browse the file and press Submit (not attach).

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My sense about exhibits and catalogs is that you should keep the typography kind of appropriate and low volume (not loud).

I'm already wondering what the wall texts and book will be set in. I don't see so many marks used to represent shows. I might reconsider a more straight forward approach.

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They wanted a mark because it is going to have multimedia commercial viability.

This was my first draw in Trajan. I chose it because the subject matter deals with New Testament themes, and how they relate to our modern world. I am thinking however of redrawing with Requiem.

Something beautiful and something ugly almost always works.

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I like the idea of the typeface changing, but I'm not sure that it's working too well with the combination of those particular two. I think maybe because one is serif the other sans serif...
Perhaps you could try a similiar concept but using colour instead? i.e. darker colour on the outer letters gradually fading to a lighter at the centre letter 'C'?
Just a suggestion :)

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Letter changes are fine as long as they change in one axis only. You're doing it on two: weight and serifs. Decide which one to actually change and then choose a family that has all of those. Not so many around to scale serif axis. You could do some interpolation to limited results though.

Weight axes changes are more common. And it's also more obvious. Serif changes maybe won't be as visible to majority of people.

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What if there were reflections of the logo, horizontally.

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Reflections would make it too "web 2.0", which will make it one-of-so-many-others (read: boring).

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