Claude Garamond Typography

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Any quality and good articles about Claude Garamond? I have a paper to work on for my type class, and there is a lack of books at school so any help would do.
So anything good related to Claude, please help.

p.s Paper should be at least 4-5 a4 paper formats. :(.

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> p.s Paper should be at least 4-5 a4 paper formats. :(.

What, you expect us to write it for you?

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Try these:

Beaujon, P. [pen-name of Beatrice Warde] (1973) ‘Garamond Types: XVI & XVII Century Sources Considered’, in: F. Meynell & H. Simon (eds.) Fleuron Anthology, University of Toronto Press, pp. 181-214


Vervliet, H.D.L. (2007) ‘The young Garamont: roman types made in Paris from 1530 to 1540’, Typography papers, vol. 7, pp. 5-60

The last one has a long and useful bibliography.

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I did some research on Garamond and could share my bibliography with you if you'd like. Email me typegirl at gmail dot com

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A very worthwhile book that has some material on Garamond (and many others): A View of Early Typography, by Harry Carter.

See also:

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