A Wiki idea - please comment

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A Wiki idea - please comment

I was thinking that it might be a good idea to add a section to the Typophile wiki - probably under 'how-to' that could include hints and advice about common mistakes sorted by by Unicode number.

I should also note this doesn't have to exist here. For instance 'Decode Unicode' has a Wiki ability to take comments. But there are not too many comments. So ... maybe it wold be good to have it 'locally' as it were.

I thought of this while using these two sites to get a grip on some of the Unicode glyphs that were novel to me and thinking - it would be great if there was some context for use and some hints like Adam Twardoch's about the Ogonek for this...

Here are some links and an example glyph



Anyway - what do you think? Would you use it? Would you comment?

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Sounds like a good idea to me.

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eben, i've started a category of characters, maybe this could fall there? it might be easier to list some common characters by name and then have unicode redirects to their respective pages?

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I thought I might be reinventing the wheel... That's really great.

I like the idea of redirects pretty well but I think we should list the unicode after the name on the page 'redirected to' to reduce confusion. Also, it is worth noting that not all Unicode glyphs have names. 2588 does, it's 'Block', but 256C does not.

So to reiterate what we are saying is that we would have two pages, and the one which is just the unicode redirects for each glyph we list - unless there is no name. Yes?

To be honest I would feel better about this if I had a chat with Christian.

Also, one of things that I would ideally like to see is advice listed directly on the page - eg not just a link to a Discussion.

That's asking a lot I know.

And I am mindful of the power source/context. So I think if we do list advice on the page we should sign it. Or summarize and then sign & give attribution. Or if we quote directly we should get permission first.

What do you think?

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with something so in depth, i think i might actually rather be able to find it on the decode unicode wiki, but that's just me.

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Maybe we should concentrate out efforts there - I had thought about that too. It is more tailor made to the task. I don't expect that every glyph will get a comment but what thought was - if there was a place for it to go then Typophile Mods might put content there. Let's see what the others say.

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