Elegant Humanist Serifs

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Can anyone suggest some good resources on the web, where one could take a look at some more unique typefaces? Maybe even links to some well respected type foundries? Anything would be a great help!

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You're in for a long slog. There is simply so much out there that it's better to start by describing what you want, such as: "I need

  • a sturdy, rugged serif for newspaper text"
  • a casual, friendly script with a nod to the American fifities."
  • heavy sans serif typefaces that look like they were hand drawn with a pen or brush."

With more specific requirements we can be much more helpful with recommendations.

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Thank you for the links loremipsum, very helpful!

I suppose specifically I'm looking for a more elegant, humanist serif typeface. I'm going to be creating brand guidelines for a fairly high-end party planner, so I'm looking for some quality 'old-fashioned' typefaces that can still look contemporary enough.

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I think I have something that might meet the description, but it's not ready yet.

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> elegant, humanist serif typeface. quality ’old-fashioned’ typefaces that can still look contemporary enough.

Now we're talkin'.

FF Maiola
MVB Verdigris
Le Monde

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Thanks Stephen! Looked through them all. The list was super helpful. For some reason, I like Eason... but I may have to take another look later today.

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And Whitman is nice - and according to the designer, Kent Lew, more weights, including display weights, are soon to be released.

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