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Compare my Densmore font:

To Gans Titania:

Compare v,w,x,y,z if you're on the fence about it.

Whaddya think? Other than the fact the Densmore is crappy in the first place.

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I'd say the lowercase sets are almost exactly the same, some spacing aside.

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After a brief search online for Richard Gans types (a real eye-opener, BTW, as I had never heard of him), it looks like Intellecta has for some reason departed from doing a straight piece of history mining, and nuanced its revival with some Densmore stylings.

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What are you fishing for?

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One more thing: I occasionally use the blend tool in FontLab to blend fonts. For example: Chinese Rocks + Tank = Croteau. I have a handy back catalogue of a few hundred families to use as blend fodder. I once experimented blending some OPFs* in FontLab - just for kicks, not to create fonts to sell or give away. Didn't save 'em. Just playing. Mkay?

The most troublesome letter in blends is lowercase g. The structure is often different (monocular vs. binocular) and results in a mangled mess or a failed "red" glyph. A lazy solution is to suture a j to a q to produce a single storey g.

What I'm getting at is: nothing. I'm just saying what what? Blend OPFs and then look at Intellecta fonts. Then look at your blended OPFs. Then look at Intellecta fonts again. Repeat until drowsy.

Back to Densmore. Check out the rest of the character set. Even the little blade screwdriver head on the exclamation point.

"Intellactual Property" would have been a better topic heading now that I think about it.

* other people's fonts

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I mean . . . ARRR! I be fishin' for glyph pirates. Arrrr. Etc.

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Have them walk the plank.

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This font is a reasonably faithful rendering of Gans Titania, in which the lowercase letters bear no resemblance whatsoever to the Intellecta version. I'd say Ray has a good case for concluding that his outlines were hijacked, which wouldn't be the first time.

At the present time, Jupiter Images is selling access to a font repository that contains a large number of freeware fonts (Ray's, mine and a lot of other folks') that were pirated by an outfit called Art I Need five or so years ago. It appears that their standard MO was to open freeware fonts in Fontographer, rename them, claim copyright ownership, and then peddle them. For reasons which may or may not have anything to do with this underhanded practice, the company went out of business a few years back, but not before selling a number of the pirated fonts to Jupiter Images. Bummer...

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