Some ATypI 2007 videos up

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Thanks to Kaveh Bazargan and pretty much nobody else.

ATypI 2007 videos

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Nice "friendly" banter between you and John D. Berry at the beginning there. Yikes.

That aside, I really admire your dedication to improving the Toronto Transit signage. I wish someone had the gumption to do that here in San Francisco.

These videos are excellent. Don't think I've seen conference talks presented so well on the web. My compliments to Mr. Bazargan.

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The problem with John was that I prepped him beforehand on what he should say, which he then ignored. I mean, God love ’im and all.

I was, in fact, perfectly nice to him while it happened.

Joe Clark

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Thanks for that.

will there be a video from your other talk, Joe?


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This is truly a treasure trove.
Do you know if David J Crows lecture on Virtual handicraft will be uploaded?

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