(x) SuperBrugsen corporate sans - custom face by Jonas Hecksher (e-Types AS) {Asparouh Kalyandjiev}

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This is a new font used by a danish grocerychain can anyone help me identify this font?

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We had this one recently: It was identified by Daniel Korn as specific corporate font made by Kontrapunkt, as part of their revamp of SuperBrugsen’s identity. It comes in 3 weights; light, medium and bold, and is also used in the new logo and most of their other material. Oh, and as far as I know it’s simply referred to as “SuperBrugsen Font”.

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Oh yeah, it’s the one Morten Olsen didn’t like.

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If you know what you're looking for, please do a search first.

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FYI: Claas disagrees with Daniel’s ID that I have quoted above.

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As long as I have non decisive proof there's not much I can do.

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