Electric fencing logo

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I would appreciate critique of this logo, it is for a company that supplies portable battery powered net fencing to farmers and lifestyle blocks.

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Lifestyle blocks! Is that New Zealandish?

It looks like the round dashes are of different
shades to indicate overlap. My concern is what
the mark would look like in pure black and white.

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for sure mate it is new zealandish, it refers to the small farms (1-50 acres) for those who are disillusioned with urban/suburban life can go and be self-sufficient in.
And yes the indication of overlap is a problem in b & w. I wonder if the reference to netting is still as apparent...

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I fancy fixin' myself up with a lifestyle block.
Sounds great! What's the policy for non-NZ folk?

The reference to netting is still apparent. And I
think it's acutally a much better logo in b/w.
It's stronger.

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Katie - nice work. In color, I get a netting/fenced in feel.

In b&W, the dashes morph into pluses and minuses -- a clever way to convey battery-operated, but we lose the netting/fenced in feel.

Do you have a link where we could see what the net fences look like?

I thought maybe the lc "t" could be a + sign, but nope, it doesn't work.

btw, what is the typeface?


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yes they are great, get to look at the stars and listen to the moreporks. Policy for non nz folk?? hmmm as long as you attempt to get on with the locals i'm sure there isn't one :)

do you think the use of different shades in the coloured logo is unnecessary? i kinda liked the secondary effect of the weave but wanted to keep the + and - symbols obvious.

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this is a not so good photo of the fence, see the happy chooks range free.


the type face is Tivoli Gothic Bold. I don't think i will be using it in the final version as it just 'have' it on my computer... I don't know where it came from.

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> What's the policy for non-NZ folk?

You're given an inside perspective?


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k, I'm going to be the odd ball and suggest that its way to techy for something that's referring to electricity.

my knee jerk reation was 'dot.com' Especially with a name with 'net' in it...unfortunate that in the public realm most may think its a web-site or hi-tech co, and not referring to the object 'net'. I had to read the thread to understand the product.

Alot of my feeling could lay in the lowercase wordmark...again any corporate name starting with "e" something gets the techy instinctual reaction.

If this is how its being presented I would make sure to state that the tag line is never removed from the logo

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just a thought

it could be as easy as fixing it up all capitals. and defining the edges to points instead of curves. and finding a central alignment between icons and wordmark.

I'm thinking - electricity is sharp, exacting. Fencing is sturdy, offers security.

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Tanya - is this what you mean? (these are just quick sketches)
maybe i should just make the logo eLECTR@NETS :|
i might test both variations out on various people without the tagline and see what they think it is about.

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ooooooo! first post!

Really nice piece of work Katie. For me the lower case is working but the upper case is probably more appropriate. In the lower case version the centred type (logotype and strapline) work but for some reason they dont seem to balance in the upper case one, my eye doesnt flow over it if yer get me! Left justified on the 'point' of the farthest right vertical wire maybe?

Like it a lot though! Really solid work.

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Nice work. I love the concept! A couple of options for your consideration - one to make it more fencelike and one to make it more "logo" like. Feel free to disregard. (first time uploading a picture - I hope this works)


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Hey, those plus/minuses really work!
What about a fence made up them? Too cheesy?

BTW, all-caps does seem to make more sense.


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hey Katie - ya. all caps takes the dotcommy notion away completely. I actually read the word now without having a pre-conceived idea of the business. do you agree? stupid perceptions of the world today eh.

I do like the 2nd version of your pointed icons.

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Katie - Here's something duracell did. I like the second gif that Am5 posted. The all caps doesn't grab me. Maybe there's a better typeface for that...???


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Cool, that Duracell ad. BTW, I just noticed: in the logo, why do the letters get narrower closer to the center? Does that convey "density"? Heavy.

As for the font for the caps, hey, what about Metron?!
(I love that cross-pollination sh*t.)


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thanks for your imput everybody, i'm gonna look around for a different typeface that works better in caps

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