(x) Taco John's - Belwe (customized) {Kyle (self)}

flow14's picture

I'm having trouble figuring out what this is...
It's really close to Belwe...but the "W"
keeps throwing me off:
Is this an actual font or a custom thing?
(This is from the tagline of the Taco John's
logo, BTW.)

Stephen Coles's picture

Perhaps the designer used Belwe but redrew the 'W'. A big improvement.

core's picture

i was a bit thrown off because it was so rounded... but i guess you enlarged it from
http://www.tacojohns.com/ ?
the E is bit different in the top. weird.
it must be Belwe, and like Scoles said, the W is fixed up. and if you look closely at tacojohns.com, the white space to the right in the W is too big... which implies that they simply removed the little flag thing and put a serif there.

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