See? Type geeks are cool.

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Typophile founders, Jared and Joe, just hanging out at the office.


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Is that freedom rock? Awesome! Turn it up man!

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Was it Spinal Tap day at Punchcut?

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No no. This is more CCR than Spinal Tap. Joe even looks a little bit like Dennis Hopper.

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My fonts go to 11.

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Hmmmm I am not sure. It looks more GunsNRoses to me. But then thats more my time period...

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hah! well, i'm not THAT old. But, now that you say it. Joe's bandana is certainly very "Axl".

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It was Halloween. What else could you want?

Photo Booth didn't help us get any work done either.
Deeeeed! Whuuuuts up?!

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And here I was thinking that you had succumbed to a shift in lifestyle. :-)

This one makes you look like a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit sort of character. Maybe one of the trolls that was going to eat Bilbo Baggins.

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