GOOD magazine typeface

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Anyone recognize the font that GOOD uses for their logo?



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Logo is custom, but GOOD uses Vista Sans and Trade Gothic No. 20 Condensed Bold throughout each issue. The look was directed by Scott Stowell of Open.

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Also, if I remember correctly, Adsans, which is the only misstep in the design.

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Logo could be based on Pakt. For more options, see also the first section of this post on extra bold fonts.

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The logo was hand-drawn by Arnaud Mercier. In the pages we use Vista, Benton, Trade Gothic Bold Condensed, Sabon, and not Adsans but Doric Bold--one of my favorite beautifully ugly typefaces--for bold ledes.

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To resurrect an old thread, here is a nice look into Mercier's process of the logo development.

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And what about the typeface used for titling in last issue?

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