How to digitalize fonts created in Illustrator?

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I am really very new in Typeface design and need your help and suggestions in use of various softwares. I have designed few fonts using Illustrator and they are in illustrator pdf or eps format. Now I want to digitalize them and convert them to Opentype or Truetype or Potscript type format. How to go about it from the files I have? I have Fontlab, Corel Draw, Adobe softwares. Can these files be directly imported to any of these softwares and then convert them to one of the Type formats?

I will really appreciate your help and suggestions. I have never used Fontlab studio before and I was trying to open these files but it didn't open in Fontlab and I couldn't find any Import option as well.

Thanks in advance,

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So you expect some professional aid with that name ?
I find it funny, it weirds me out.
Anyway, see also this thread, Typomaniac,

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