Custom made typefaces for well-known brands?

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for examples of custom typeface designs for well-known brands.

For example, Nokia uses the custom designed nokia sans for their advertising (designed by spiekermann if I'm not mistaken), Xbox 360 has the convection family, etc.

Any other well-known brands that people could share?



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Interesting bit of serendipity there - I was going to ask about the status of the Macromedia font (Vonnes) in another post; now that Adobe have swallowed them and re-branded their products it may fade into font obscurity.

Rather than a second recycle of the old Vonnes thread, does anyone know if it's become available to the public now? I rather liked the ampersand for my sins…

Addition: Really should research before asking, bad typophile!

Anyway, for the original question. Vonnes is a font custom designed for a well-known (ish) brand! :D

From Font Bureau:

Vonness was designed by David Berlow working closely with Neville Brody on corporate redesign for Jim Von Ehre at Macromedia. Core weights are loosely based on Bauer’s Venus, 1907–1910. Berlow expanded the ideas behind the series to 56 fonts, the heart of the redesign. The Macromedia program was hailed as one of the most successful models of modern total design for innovative cutting edge companies; FB 2007

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I think that Vonnes is available through Font Bureau.

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