Singapore Tourism Board

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What font is used for "Live it up in Singapore"?


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Didn't work. Here's the link:

Exceedingly ugly website has nothing to do with me.

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Thanks Joe,

I think file upload does not work with Mac browsers.

Hey, can you help me delete the topic "Default Singapore font"? Please? It's embarrassing.

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Perhaps someone could point me to some places to look? I really need to know which font this is.


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Thanks Scoles!

Do you have any idea (at all at all) where I should be looking?

I have spent many nights looking at all the script stuff at myfonts, philsfonts,, EF, T-26. Pretty much all the websites that I know and I still can't find it. And it is driving me CRAZY.

Please any hints at all would be great. Thanks

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Here is a static GIF or easier IDing:


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