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Hey there,

Hopefully someone can answer this one..

I'm a graphic designer doing some freelancing
for a book publishing company. So the question
is, do they have to purchase the fonts from the
font foundries for production? In other words,
the fonts, would be purchased twice. (Me and
the Book Co.) or my purchase would be sufficient
and they can use the fonts from me to print the job?



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Depends how much 'production' they actually do. The license is usually for one location, and maybe for output/printing, depending on the foundry. If they'll do a lot of production work, not simply outputting/printing your files then they'll have to purchase an additional license.

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The answer is easy to find:
Read the licenses for the fonts you're using. The terms vary from one foundry to another, but they're usually pretty explicit about what you can and can't do.

As a general rule, I'd say it's a safe bet that if someone is editing a doc, and needs to have the fonts loaded, they should own the fonts.

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makes sense! cool, thanks! ;)

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