Fontlab or superpolator for student work?

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How good are the Fontlab interpolation tools? Learn Fontlab Fast really discourages using them, but I am interested in using interpolation for a student project and I am wondering what would be a better use of my time: cleaning up and tweaking outlines created by Fontlab, or learning to use superlator and generating outlines with it.

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What I do in FontLab is to "clean up" the outlines (i.e. make them compatible) before joining the two masters, then you do not need to tweak anything afterwards.

Not quite sure how Superpolator deals with incompatible contours, maybe the results are better than with FontLab.


Just saw on the Superpolator website:

The app does not make the glyphs interpolatable, the masters need to have the right number of contours in the right order, each contour the right number of on-curve points. You know the drill.

In this sense, you may want to try MM in Fontlab first and move on to Superpolator once you have reached the limits of one-dimensional inter/extrapolation.

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