Forensic Examination of Bush Memos!

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It seems to be quite interesting for Typophiles!

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That entire incident was a well-placed landmine that Dan Rather walked into; his antennae should have gone up when the White House, presented with the evidence, claimed that they couldn't deny it. Rather should have known that any allegation that had even the remotest possibility of being true would be vigorously denied: that's simply the way Washington works (can you say "airport bathroom?" Sure, you can). Unfortunately, he appears to have forgotten that, and the incident ended his career. Chalk one up for the Rovester...

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ROFL! Jon Strayer strikes again -- there's a name I hadn't seen in a goodly long time. He used to be one of the regular nutters on the old Fidonet POLITICS forum....

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I’ll be so happy when people finally stop talking about George W. Bush. Living less than a mile from the bastard is making this a very trying time in my life...

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