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I am a graphic design student and new in field of typeface design. Please comment on the typeface "Polo" , I am currently working on. As the name suggests, its inspired from Polo mint shape. Please comment, so that I can improve upon and learn from your comments and suggestions.

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The first thing I'd do here is take a look at what similar work exists. Here's one example:
Note how curves extend slightly below the baseline. As you print out your designs and critique them yourself, notice how some glyphs appear to dwarf others when placed next to one another, for example your o and i. Also note how horizontal lines of the same thickness as vertical appear heavier. Above all, make sure it makes sense to you, you can see it on paper, and you understand why you're changing something before you take someone's advice and do it.

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I agree that this looks too much like Bauhaus. However, the last image, with just numbers, is great! I would redesign your lowercase based on what you've done with the numbers. Keep only the S and the backwards-S/upside-down-E character, and see what new lowercase shapes you can come up with.

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