(x) B B C - Gill Sans {Stephen}

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okay.. how about this one.. should be really easy


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Most of the time I guess more than I am sure.

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The fact that Eric Gill actually did some work for them doesn't hurt either, eh Stephen? ;)

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From BBC news:
"...Statues on the front of the building [Broadcasting House - BBC Headquarters in London] are of Ariel and Prospero, characters from Shakespeare's The Tempest. They are among the most famous works by the British sculptor and designer Eric Gill.

Rumour has it that on its initial inspection by the BBC's governors, they demanded that several inches be lopped off the manhood of the sprite Ariel.

Ariel was chosen as something of joke on the word aerial. But Gill himself was not completely amused by the joke, saying: "Comic, though, the BBC kidding itself that it may be likened to a prince putting the world to rights and its bally apparatus likened to a sort of heavenly spire."

In a piece of historial neatness, the corporation now uniformly uses a typeface designed by Gill - Gill Sans - as its house style..."

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Classic stuff!


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sounds resonable.. do you know it for sure or are you guessing?

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BBC has used Gill Sans for quite a while now.

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