Identify brand name fonts

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who knows which fonts are used in the logos of: Prada, Gucci, Kate Spade and Coach, and how I can get my hands on them.
graphics student

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Please help!

I am looking for a font/typeface that is close to a combination of the Frigidaire and/or Cadillac/Chevrolet, and Eureka, (a hearse manufacturer). It is a script type font sort of art-deco, what would have been considered futuristic looking in the 40-50's.

I have no money to spend on it at this time and need a free public domain font, that can be tweaked a little. (I also could use some recomendations on software that does that.)
Someday I hope to start a hearse manufacturing concern,(a small one)and want the typeface to look a certain way, (I can see it in my mind's eye) I am sure you all get the general idea!

Well that's about it.
Should someone have a font/typeface like this please contact me at.

Thank you in advance for any help you can send my way!


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Type ID's belong in the Type ID section in future. Also make use of the advanced search feature. It may turn up your answer. The fridge fonts I know are from Font Bureau and are by Leslie Cabarga. Also Bullet/Global from House Industries.


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Not sure if you mean Aurora ... can you post
a sample?

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You'll want to check out over at the Type Identification Board.

Someone posted a site where you can download all the eps of all the logos for reference. Orange Italic has a set which they call the Luxury Collection.

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does anyone know the fonts used on a Pritt Stick??? Art Student

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Hi all,

The font in this logo is proving very elusive - it's almost Verdana but not quite! Note the level ends on the lower case 's' for example.
Not sure whether the upper case words at the bottom is the same.
Any clues greatly appreciated! Thanks!

sportznut.tif (7.6 k)

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I think I accidently stumbled onto the solution, but problem is
the samples on the site are very rudimentary, so I don't know
for sure. This might be Ninetysix K and Premiere, both from

Please post your Type Identification request on the designated
board, that way you'll be helped a lot faster.

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Does anyone know where I can find a look-alike font for the EA Sports series of video games? Like on the cover of Madden 2005? Thanks.

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Most of these are hand drawn logos. But there are
some fonts along the same lines. Have a look at
this and this.

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