(Non)logo. Please critique.

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Hey all,

I'm in the baby stages of establishing myself as a freelancer (for design and words). I was perusing your Logo/ID critique forum and suddenly felt like I might do well to get up what I have so far. I've started with the business card and plan to apply my concept to a web site and stationary/notecards.

Ultimately (over the next several years) I hope to grow from providing simple design and editing services to helping very small businesses establish their presence in print and online (along with my partner in crime and life, Patrick Beeson).

My biggest concern: I don't think that what I have incorporates a logo, more represents a calling card. Is that a problem?

Second biggest concern: Is it any good anyway? Really, I'm quite fond of it, but I'm open to tweaking. Even major re-thinking if it gets resounding "boos."

I'm looking at a long road ahead on this project and I want to get a good start.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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"resounding “boos”...

...are normally what happens when I see a condensed face letterspaced out as in "beengo". I usually says, "I like this face so much, I'm gonna wreck it." in addition, it shows nothing of your letterspacing skills, which should be excellent as you travel that long logo highway. I like everything else about it.


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Doi! I also forgot to mention that this is merely a draft of the card.

I'm happy with the Myriad in my contact info, but not for the beengo. I want to hunt down another font (a blocky serif is what I'm thinking).

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Oh, I like that. I'd been thinking chunky blocky, but there's something inexplicable about the Rotis. Thanks for the lead.

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