"Code" bold Bauhaus-like geometric display sans

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I would really appreciate if someone could help me identify this font. I have tried whatthefont and had no success.

thanks in advance

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Its not Bauhaus Bold or the old Apple Computer logo typeface Motter Tektura.

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Still looking for this font, its driving me crazy.

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what makes you so sure that this is in fact a font and not just custom drawn for the logo? Have you seen other letters? This is very geometric and could be redrawn in Illustrator in no time.


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Staypretty's Isis is similar but no match...

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I think J Printy was on the right track - it could be an altered Motter Tektura. The e gives it away.

Nick Cooke

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I see both "Code" and "Coda". That's sort of a dangerous line to straddle.

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