Regles:Zero type magazine is out ! Issue #02 ...

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Hello fontworld,

i'm glad to present you the 2nd Regles:Zero issue.

you can download it at

After a long time of inactivity, let's do it again ! Featuring : P22 with a nice script type and the IndieFont Book, Carlos Segura (T-26), Leslie Cabarga (FlashFonts), Eduardo Recife (Misprintedtype), Oded Ezer, Miles Newlyn (X-and-Y) and Catherine McIntyre. The other contributions i received will be used on the next issue. Don't be affraid, it's programed for January 2003. not so long ... =)

This files is lighter than the 1st issue, only 2,5Mb.

Take care !



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the file is corrupt.

acrobat couldn't repair the error...and thus I cannot open...and I was so excited to.

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