equestrienne in open type format

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I am looking for the Equestrienne font in opentype format and cannot find a typeshop that offers that version. Do you happen to know of a shop that does?

OR if you can recommend a font in that style... I've been looking for quite a while and can't find one. It should be fit for (rather cheap) newspaper-print and have that sublety in not being too harsh and not being to snobby. I am aware that you might not find it like that at all. But if you apply those attributes to that font, maybe you will know what I am looking for.

Thank you and all the best.

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Contact Red Rooster (the foundry) or FontShop. They can probably create a custom OT version for you.

Or consider Remontoire or Egyptienne.

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Thank you for pointing me to "Remontoire".

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