Pixelfonts for windows

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ok. so i have made some pixelfonts in my days.
but i still need to know one thing.
mac can use bitmap fonts without the vector curves. but can windows do the same?
so far, i believe not, but i'm a mac person.
i need to listen to a pc expert.
this time around, i didn't bother to make the curves, only the pixels. (and it works just fine in mac)
and now people now want me to make a pc version.
is it really necessary to make the curves, or is there a way around this problem?
maybe i ought to make curves anyway to make it flash compatible, but that is another discussion.
-martin (core)

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You can make a TT font and leave the outline part blank (this will cause some apps to get confused, though). Or you can make a FON file (but this format is old and limited, plus Fog outputs corrupt FONs - check www.pyrus.com instead).


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