"Shout vote" – Sabon + Nexus sans: Go or no go?

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I am designing a war history book in two columnns 90 mm, 10,5 on 12,75 Sabon. As a complementary sans i have FF Nexus, for captions and extra text in 3 colum setting, 10 on 12,75 pt.

I would be thankful for spontaneous reactions to the combination, is it ok, good or terrible? :)

Suggestions on changing the text font? ( I'm rather not changing Nexus!)

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Since you're using FF Nexus Sans, why not FF Nexus Serif for text?

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Nexus has a lot of the characteristics of Scala — so why not go with Scala Sans AND Serif?

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Franklin Gothic works well with Sabon, and might add a bit of authoritarian vibe to a war history book, helping to balance the neutral tone of Sabon.

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I would suggest you trust you own taste and make your own decision and stop looking for validation from this motley group.

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Gee, James. Why so crankypants? He's a young designer looking for guidance. Nothing wrong with asking for an opinion.

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Syntax's design was inspired by Sabon's letter proportions. So those two work together as well.

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"Shout Vote". That says looking for guidance?

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Hehe. Jonatan's title writing may need some maturing, sure.

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