It's all Latin to me

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There's an interesting discussion about Greek fonts on Jon Coltz's hidden gem of a type site:

It's always nice to see non-Latin coverage, but I have to strongly disagree with Coltz's assessment that Romulus Greek is a good design; on a formal Latin level it's great, but in terms of actual use (you know, like a font is made to be used...) it's like a transvestite shackled to Jabba the Hutt - ask any Greek (who is a Star Wars fan).

But if Romulus Greek was the abyss, the fonts from the 70s he mentions were the sides of the cliff. Matthew Carter -who was paid to make them like that by his Greek clients- himself had an allergic reaction to their inauthenticity, and made his Cadmus font.

Fortunately, Greek type design has become its own person in the last decade or so. Hopefully other non-Latin scripts can learn from its mistakes and successes.

Anyway, I don't mean to sound so negative; Coltz's piece is otherwise very timely and informative.


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