Dog tag - Graphotype

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Hi All,

Here is a scan of an impression from debossed metal tag.

I would like to have a few new ASCII symbol punches/dies made for my Graphotype (made by Adressograph-Multigraph) debossing machine and would like to have close matches for the style and size.

The machines were used to make addressing labels (remember the little white gummed paper subscription labels on magazines) in the earlier 1900's and USA military DogTags from 1940 until recently.

The font would have been made to match up with some contemporary typewriter fonts and some available hot metal font as well.

It is a monospaced font 11 character per inch in this example
The Courier New sample was at 48 Point to match size.
The strokes are all single width as far as I can tell.

Any ideas on a font I could use as a giude.



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I suppose you needa "clean" version, not a gritty one?

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Try Vintage Typewriter, it's different but has the same feeling to it.

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