Wild font names

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What are the wildest, weirdest font names you know of? (Like 'Hi honey I'm home' and 'Batman Forever') ...

Soren O

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"Jesus loves your sister" -deGroot


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Martin's - "Little Sarchastic Girl Scout Bitch" ranks up there for me :D

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Girl Scout Bitch comes in three weights: Sarcastic, Sadistic and Just Plain Mean.
"Girls are weird" by Robotic Attack Fonts
and all the TarmSaft fonts of course.
translation here: http://tarmsaft.8m.com/introduction.htm

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I remember one found on the Chank site several years go, called "Batmanbeatthehelloutofme"

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I've always thought 'Fast Girls' by Thirst was pretty funny. Instead of bold, thin, light etc. They offer A Cup, B Cup, C Cup, Wired for Speed, and Wired for Support.


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the designer, patricking, is funny like that. i recently met him and he's got a wicked sense of humor. very irreverent, but a super-nice guy. it's a catchy little concept for sure, but the name i like the most is "wired for speed". i don't think any mother would want their daughter in a bra wired for speed.

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Soren O

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