Do any of these logotypes have potential?

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I'm stuck in a deep, dark depression do to my never-ending quest for the perfect logotype to represent my design company, BiKlops Design. You know how when you work on something for so long you become blind to it? That's me.

So, what I'm asking is--are any of these good? Worth continuing with?

I'm trying to communicate fun, young, big-personality, maybe a touch disturbing/strange.

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Merging a couple of these ideas together, perhaps try a single eye with two overlapping pupils?

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Bottom three BiKlopians have the most personality to me. But somehow I don't think the type should be Bello (?), or they should be redrawn to harmonize with it.

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Good ideas. It is Bello-and I threw it on there knowing it would have to be changed later--so great minds think alike. I'll upload some changes/new ideas shortly. And if anyone else has some guidance, hit me!

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Bottom one's speak to me as well.

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Me, too.

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agree with others. Especially the rightmost - not too fat, not too skinny :) Looks weird enough

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I think the rosette with two pupils has a lot going for it although they are a touch 8-like I might try a non-geometric positioning.


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I definitely like the bottom BiKlops guys, too. I feel like they could get a little funkier, though.

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a little funkier, eh? I'll see what I can do. I'll be posting my updated logo/business card designs soon.


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