(x) EF/SG Europa Grotesk, No. 1, No. 2 - Akzidenz-Grotesk, Helvetica, Neue Helvetica {Loremipsum}

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For the life of me I can't find any difference between these three versions of EF/SG's Europa Grotesk, Europa Grotesk No. 1, and Europa Grotesk No. 2, other than stroke thicknesses. Any help? Each version seems to be a modest variation on Akzidenz Grotesk, AG Old Face, and/or Helvetica. This does not concern the headline vs. text versions of their fonts, so I link to just the SH versions of them below.




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If I'm correct, Europa Grotesk SH and No. 1 SH are a clone of Helvetica.
Europa Grotesk No. 2 SH is a clone of Helvetica Neue.

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I can’t find any difference

And what’s the problem with that? Maybe just different digitizations, from different stages, or sources. Scangraphic, that’s time immemorial.


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To be correct:
Europa Grotesk > AG Buch
Europa Grotesk No.1 > Helvetica
Eurpa Grotesk No.2 > Helvetica Neue

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You live and learn. Thanks for clarification, lorem!

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Lorem, that's exactly what I needed to know. I use Neue Helvetica alot, I want display versions of it in several weights. URW Nimbus Sans Novus has display versions, but the track isn't as tight as I'm looking for at large point sizes. EG #2 SH will work perfectly.

Thanks much!

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If you only need it for display purposes, ok.
But is it not better to buy SB (text) version and apply tight tracking (using software) in headlines?

SH versions use to have a lesser count of characters - compare for yourself:

(230 characters in SB version)

(198 characters only in SH version)

Scangraphic SB and SH sometimes (not always) differ (except tracking) in two ways:
SB (text) versions have ink traps which is ugly in big sizes
SH (headline) versions have a different positioning of diacritics.
In very rare cases, some characters differ as well. (Compare Futura SH X-Light and SB X-Light numbers.)

But if there's no difference in character shapes and the only difference is tracking, I would go for SB version and apply custom tracking in big sizes. Or you could also buy the original Helvetica Neue. :-)

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>>If you only need it for display purposes, ok.
But is it not better to buy SB (text) version and apply tight tracking (using software) in headlines?<<

At times, I can only create documents in something like MS Word--where typographic controls are crude. I need some display weights for those instances. You are of course correct though, when using InDesign or some other layout program, manual kerning and tracking of headlines is the way to go.

Thanks for the headsup on the differing character sets btw, I hadn't noticed that.

>>Or you could also buy the original Helvetica Neue.<<

I've owned the Neue Helveticas in the 25/26 through 95/96 weights for years. Couldn't live without them.

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