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These are some roughs for a poster to announce the play in Thessaloniki of the famous opera of Puccini, "Tosca".

The (very short) story of the play:
In the beginning of 18th century in France, a young, beutifull and very famous soprano (Tosca), is blackmaled by a powerfull man, to marry her. In the most tragic moment of the play Tosca is killing him with a knife, while he was ready to sign the death sentence of the young man that Tosca was in love with. The couple is chased by the law and in the end they suicide, falling from a window.

I know that the style is old fashioned, but that's the way the customer needs it.

Any comments?

PS I know...i forgot to put the name of Puccini...






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I don't like the second one, but the rest are all very nice! Who is the target audience?


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nice work. the first one works best fo me.


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I wouldn't call the style old fashioned at all.
All of these seem quite modern to me. Very nice.
What's the type?

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I like the forth one.

if you tweak the curves more it may look like skratchboard but so far its looking modern a-la-vector-art.

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the third one rocks!
the effect is strong when you can't see the hand holding the knife. but the brain understands it anyway. it gives a feeling of that something is evil...

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when you can see the hand with the knife, it looks more like a bad horror movie, like "scream" or something...

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four and five are my favourites, if I was going to go for four i'd narrow it a smidgen, to increase the impact of the narrow text, maybe shave just over the width of the O off either side.


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1st and 3nd are my choise

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4th and 5th catch my attention!


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Thank you all for the comments. To be honest I didn't expect such a response and I appreciate it. The fonts I used are various including a version of Trajan by a Greek office (CFColloseum), Galliard (by Bitstream) Bauer Bodoni Titling and a version of Futura Condensed Bold.
I am pleased that you can imagine the hand that is holding the knife in the 3rd poster, 'cause I was afraid that it another eye wouldn't catch it.
The target group is...people who go to opera,(whatever that means)... I guess are educated at least about opera...but the client is the "Thessaloniki Opera" and they have not such an organized office to give as a decent briefing. They expect no radical solutions and they are pleased to be understood by the common public.
Thanks again all for your views and I apologize for my spelling and the delay of the work on the font I started...I am not sure if I will keep on working on it because I don't believe in it so much...time will show maybe

have a shinny and creative day

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krrrristos... happy birthday for yesterday... as for the posters, all of them are very nice... my favourite (and natasha's, if this interests you) is the fourth one... i think it catches the eye very fast, but on the other hand maybe you're getting bored also that fast, because of the empty space on the left and on the right... the middle part is maybe too dynamic for the empty spaces... the red "s" is also problematic used on the raster... although red and black are very powerful, maybe they are getting monotonous... i don't know... i'm just expressing my thoughts... the fifth proposal has also a dynamic effect, but i'm not sure if the national theatre of northern greece would understand that you have put their logo on top left (me, i like this contradictional behaviour)... your first proposal has very nice typography, but i get tired seeing again this cliche of a "t" used as a dagger... out of number 2 and 3, i like the 3 more... i don't like the vertical use of bodoni in proposal number 2... proposal number 3 should be the one which should be used by n.t.n.g. for advertising their new play... in number 3 i don't like the dagger on the right part of it... have you thought of using number 4's background in the right half of number 3?.. keep on shining, krrrristos...

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i like these. the first is maybe a little too dramatic, with the knife in hand, but it's a treatment i think the general public would appreciate.

the third would be my pick, the invisible hand being one of the reasons. i also like how the audience is shown, and the contrast of the color of the audience against the black. what if "tosca" were a little smaller and confined to the black area? that would keep only one element interacting with both sides of the poster.

#5 is too much like a horor movie, but #4 is great. reminds me of saul bass and the man with golden arm. very cool, but still not as classy and tragic as #3.

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I would like to see a combonation of one and four
a very left justified vertical soultion using the "t" as the main graphic. I like the way you treated the hand and would like to see the "t" or the sword in the same manner

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I think the 3rd one is the best option:because you are not only talking about the history and "character" of the play, but also about the public

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...anyway, they didn't chose my options. The one thy chose was far out and i am dissapointed about the final poster...once more the bad taste and the selfishness thriumphs. Never mind...

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