(x) Morgan Stanley logo - custom (similar to Trade Gothic) {Patricia}

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boring old morgan stanley is using a font that is just abit off from ordinary ariel.
the lower case l has a little curl on it to match the bottom of the lower case t. It is just a tiny bit weighted. Any Ideas?]



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It's custom.
As they write:"Every letter in the new logotype was hand drawn to create a solid and ownable corporate signature"

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argh. ok so an avenir smooshed a bit will have to do. only MS could spend a ton of money to make a logo that...


thanks for the info


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As an alternative, consider PTL Skopex

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When did they lose the arrow between the two names? And go from double-storey to single storey "g"?

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Actually I think it's a modified Trade Gothic, not Arial or Avenir.

Designed by Carbone Smolan and a search of this site would have turned that up.


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Patricia is correct.

This has come up before almost a year ago and again last June. If you know what you're looking for -- in this case use the keywords "morgan stanley" -- please do a Search first.

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