(x) Giant Artists logo and a couple others - various {gang}

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Some of these may be obvious, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I'm not very familiar with trendy typefaces and need some help :

1) Bodoni poster-looking swash logotype:

2) A cursive font. I found a similar one called Expletive at www.virusfonts.com ,but it's not quite as plump.

3) "Happily Ever After" This is from a promotion on Nickelodeon. One is another cursive-y typeface, the other is a more retro-looking swash.

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The "Erin Skrypek" techno script is FIG Script.

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Giant looks like it might be a customized Perla.


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Ever After is Royal Script from Letterhead


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Happily looks similar to Orion and Adonis Old Style, but it's not quite the same. Coquette has a similar Art Deco feel, but the lowercase l lacks the loop. It reminds me of something from Target's Club Wedd stuff.

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Thank you to everyone! That was really helpful.

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